St. Paul Lutheran Church, Sulphur Springs, OH

Announcements for February 21

Altar Flowers are placed to the Glory of God by Dolores Geiger & Ruth Knappenberger in memory of Eldon Geiger & Jim Ulmer.

Lenten meals will begin at 5:45 PM with service beginning at 7 PM. Money received from the meal will be given to the Parking Lot Fund. Offering will be divided between The Salvation Army and Feed Crawford County.

God Squad will meet next Sunday, February 28 after worship.

Memorial Committee will meet after worship next Sunday, February 28.

Jim and I would like to thank everyone during our time of need for your concerns, well wishes and prayers. A special thanks to Pastor Hans and Karen for their visits and prayers and for Pastor Hans being at the hospital during Jim's cath. We were truly blessed the day we joined the family at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Thanks, Jim and Peggy Gearhart

Bids for mowing the cemetery will be taken until March 26. Give bids to Mike Geiger.

Cemetery clean up date will be March 26. Please remove anything you want to save before that date. Do not put anything on until after the clean up day.

Sign up for taking pictures will begin today after worship by the flower chart or call Jen Rinehart at 419-545-5820 to sign up. Pictures will be taken on Thursday, March 31, 2 PM - 8:30 PM, Friday, April 1, 2 PM - 8:30 PM and Saturday, April 2, 10:30 AM - 5 PM.

St. Paul Helping Hands are taking orders for Easter flowers. They are $9.00 per plant. Forms are in the bulletin. The last day to order will be February 28th.

Are you an eligible Thrivent member with Choice Dollars available to direct? Now is the time to direct those Choice Dollars. We would like you to direct those Choice Dollars to St. Paul Lutheran Church so St. Paul Helping Hands can help to support projects in the church, organizations in the church and our community. You may call the home office to direct those dollars at 1-800-847-4836. Every Choice Dollar received from Thrivent Choice program has impacted the mission of church for the better. If you have questions, contact Bev Robertson or Betty Ebbeskotte.

Recipes for the cookbook will be taken until next September. Children can also enter their favorite recipe.

If anyone would like the Pastor to visit or you know someone who needs a visit, please contact Pastor Scherner at 419-562-5262, contact the church office at 419-562-5858 or email the church at or Pastor Scherner at

WHO IS THE GOD SQUAD??????? The God Squad's purpose is to meet the needs of our congregation and of our surrounding community. You may be wondering who is the God Squad. We would like to take a moment to introduce you to the God Squad Members. They are Charles & Kate Britton, John Pfleiderer, Mark Schanzenbach, Evie Kibler, Chris Krahling and Karen Scherner. If anyone is in need of meals for shut-ins, new Moms and hospital patients going home, etc., please call Chris at 562-7720. For those in need of transportation to the grocery store, doctor appointments, etc., please call Charlie at 562-6146 or John at 927-2586. Evie's specialty is visitation. If you know of someone who needs or would like to have company, please call Evie at 562-6184. For all other needs, please call Charlie Britton. If anyone would like to volunteer to help our God Squad members with your skills and time, we would love to be able to call on you for a specific need. We look forward to serving and working together with you!


4707 Ridgeton Rd.
P.O. Box 157
Sulphur Springs, OH 44881
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(419) 562-5858

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